Avoir peur, c'est avoir envie de vivre.

It feels weird to say that.
I am not Charlie.
I never really read the newspaper, just laughed at the drawings or discussed them with friends when there was controverse about them in society.
But I am sad.
I do feel very sad about what happened.
The shooters did aim for a really precise value of our republic.
Of any democracy.
And I'm very proud to be french in this moment.
When some foreign medias don't dare publish the caricatures.
When France stands, still fighting, high spirited, against injustice, for freedom.

France might not be well-known for its unity.
But we are strong.
We fought for our rights, together.
And see, we'd do it again.
You'll never see a white flag in our hearts.
As long as one of us is standing.

"I'd rather die standing than living on my knees." (Charb)

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